Animal Charts
Animal Cross Stitch Patterns to purchase, Easy to Stitch by numbers and enjoy at Cross Stitch Treasured Finds. Our patterns are created from authentic Antique and Vintage prints of turtles, lizards, snakes, crocodile and many other animals.
4 Sweet Kittens Victorian Print Cross Stitch Pattern Chart
Fabric: Aida 24, White
288w X 189h Stitches
Size(s): 24 count, 12w X 7-7/8h in
14 count, 20-1/2w X 13-1/2h in
18 count, 16w X 10-1/2h in
20 count, 14-3/8w X 9-3/8h in ....More
Dusky Snake Ophiophacus Claps Cross Stitch by numbers Pattern Chart to Embroider counted cross stitch needlework 169
Pattern Name: Dusky Snake
Designed By: S. Headapohl
Company: Treasured Finds Designs
Copyright: All Rights Reserved
Fabric: Aida 14, White
209w X 284h Stitches
14 Count, 14-7/8w X 20-1/4h in
18 Count, 11-1/2w X 15-3/4h in ....More
The Old Work Horse Farm Cross Stitch pattern 163
Pattern Name: The Old Work Horse
Fabric: Aida 24, White
288w X 436h Stitches
24 Count, 12w X 18-1/8h in
14 Count, 20-1/2w X 31-1/8h in
18 Count, 16w X 24-1/8h in
20 Count, 14-3/8w X 21-3/4h in ....More
Two Frogs on Bolete Mushroom Cross Stitch by Numbers Pattern Embroider Embroidery counted cross stitch charts 271
Pattern Name: Frogs on Mushroom
Designed By: Susan K. Headapohl
Copyright: c.2009, Golden, all rights reserved
Fabric: Aida 24, White
156w X 201h Stitches
24 Count, 6-1/2w X 8-3/8h in
14 Count, 11-1/8w X 14-1/4h in
18 Count, 8-5/8w X 11-1/8h in
20 Count, 7-3/4w X 10h i ....More

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