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This pattern is computer created from scans of original antique ephemera.

It does have some confetti stitches that are necessary for definition.

**PLEASE NOTE,** The edges of your pattern will have shaded stitches. The shaded stitches are to help you match the edges of your pattern. Do Not Stitch.

This pattern does not contain any fractional stitches and does not need back-stitching. I do not blend colors.

Use 2 strands more or less of floss to stitch the pattern, depending on the cloth count you are using.

To work the pattern, start in the upper left-hand square and work the complete 10 x 10 square. Move on to the next 10 x 10 and so on until the pattern is complete.

We would really like to hear from you about your progress. When you have completed the pattern, we would love to display it on our website. I would also like to offer you a free pattern for the use of your finished pattern image display.

If you have any questions, please email me at

Our Patterns are for personal use only. It is copyright material. All rights reserved by Susan K. Headapohl.

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